Career start

Weeks passed, day after day arose a zillion thoughts, a zillion ideas and even a zillion regrets which pushed me even further back trying to grab my goal just 65211045689 KMs ahead. Not that there weren’t any opportunities, it was as if I was blind to them.This internet became a liability to me. I had almost found a new way to waste time, digitally. 

“Niche – Carve a niche?! Isn’t that what you shouted in my ears that day ? ” said Papa.

And finally here I am, completing my first ever virtual internship at releaseMyAd –       The InternApp.

I shouldn’t really call it a new concept, but for an ad agency to come up with such a concept for the confused minds in this over-populated demographic dividend country, it was truly breathtaking.  I have always been marketing oriented. Having participated in many competitions locally as well as nationally, I had restricted myself to just experiencing with zero learning. This gradually built in me a confidence which was neither real nor concrete. 

Technology and resources I believe were best used while having invested my time in this online internship. A quick registration and a recorded telephonic round of interview — Tadaaaa !! I got the offer letter the very next day.

The marketing internship portal – TheUntitled design InternApp, you get to work from anywhere across the globe, at any time, in your own way. One can be on a vacation, or during a free period in class or it can even be called a live project while pursuing your masters. Exciting as it sounds, it’s fun to work as well. The intern app allows you to check on your grades, your position among the other batchmates and the tasks which are due. The best part of all  is that after every task you get a personal evaluation from the internship team.

What really is amusing is that I am currently on my 21st task having been the brand executive, brand supervisor and the brand manager of a marketing firm already. Digital marketing is on the tip of my fingers and guess what ? I started blogging! 

Summarizing enthusiastically, I have started expressing my zillion thoughts and ideas all of which have a marketing perspective now. Having completed almost 5 weeks at releaseMyAd I proudly say I’ve already learned:

  • Content Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Sales Promotion
  • Brand Communication
  • Business Development
  • Brand Merchandising

I would strongly recommend marketing fanatics to try this internship. It’s a perfect career start. The Internet has now become an asset for me.